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Can Slate Tiles Be Used Outdoors?

Can Slate Tiles Be Used Outdoors?

Slate TilesOne of the most common types of landscape ideas is to create a tiled pathway outdoors. If you’re thinking of creating one for your next project, it’s extremely important that you choose tiles that are versatile. As you know, these slabs will be exposed to the inclemency of the weather, so to make sure that your pathway lasts a long time, you need something that can withstand any weather and climate condition.

Porcelain, mosaic, terra cotta, and natural stone are some of the best-selling tiles, but slate tiles are not lagging behind. Slate tiles have inherent qualities that make them the perfect choice for your outdoor projects. They don’t fade even after a long exposure to the sun, and don’t break, chip, or crack when the weather changes.

However, just like the other types of tiles, slate tiles need to be treated correctly to make sure that they indeed last a long time. They can easily absorb moisture, so they need to be sealed regularly. In addition to that, these tiles work best when they are placed on top of a solid substrate, preferably with mortar. Otherwise, if the floor is flexible and movable, this can create cracks to your tiles. Also, it’s important to note that these tiles are not meant as pavers. Pavers usually have a sand substrate, which provides a weak foundation for slate tiles.

What are some of the outdoor projects slate tiles are used in?

Slate Tiles Installation With Thick Concrete UnderlaymentFirst, slate tiles work great on decks. The only problem with this is that decks can sometimes be flexible. There may be too many movements that can threaten the integrity of the tiles. It’s therefore important that the underlayment must be adequate. Before the slate tiles are installed, you’re strongly suggested to put in a thick concrete or plywood to make the underlayment as immovable as possible.

Second, you can install slate tiles in your patios. But once again, if you’re planning on doing this, you need to make sure that the tiles lay on a flat, thick, and solid platform so they won’t crack. To do this, you can dig deep and install rocks and gravel to form a thick, solid base. When everything is set, you can cover the area with the slate tiles.

Third, you can introduce a big change to your garden by creating a walkway made of slate tiles. The same rules hold as when you’re creating a patio. The walkway has to have a sturdy base, so talk to your contractor about how deep they should dig to form the underlayment.

Here are some caring tips to ensure the longevity of your tiles.

Slate Tiles Cleaning TilesAs previously mentioned, slate tiles are porous. They are also prone to stains, so to protect them from unnecessary discolorations, invest in a sealant. After cleaning the tiles, apply around 2 or 3 coatings with a mop.

Also, choose your mop wisely. Rubber and oil-based mops are highly discouraged. As for cleaning the tiles, make sure that your cleaning agents are free from harmful acids and chemicals. Choose eco-friendly soaps and detergents instead.

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