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Is it Possible to Install Outdoor Tiles Over Concrete?

Is it Possible to Install Outdoor Tiles Over Concrete?

Is it Possible to Install Outdoor Tiles Over ConcreteYes, it is. It is very much possible to install outdoor tiles over concrete. As a matter of fact, doing this has several practical advantages. For one, the concrete provides tiles with a sturdy foundation.

Tiles are more stable as they are attached firmly to the ground. Second, concrete makes tiles less porous and more resistant to moisture. In effect, condensation and mold growth can be avoided and so your tiles can last longer.

However, for this to work, you must see to it that the concrete is flat and very much ready. Tiles cannot be put over slanted or sloping concrete. Otherwise, they may crack and get damaged in the future.

How can you put outdoor tiles over concrete?

First prepare what you need, which are basically the following: cleaning agents, floor leveler, concrete sealer, tiles, mortar, trowel, and grout.

As previously mentioned, the longevity of your outdoor tiles depends on the concrete where they are set. So first, prepare your concrete. Ensure that it is a flat, clean, and stable surface. For old concrete, you can use detergent and water if it’s not too dirty, but if you see mold growth, put more effort in your cleaning.

Is it Possible to Install Outdoor Tiles Over Concrete Pencil to Mark PositionIf you prefer to use home remedies, go to your kitchen and grab some baking soda and white vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda then put some vinegar into the area. Not only does this mixture make the concrete whiter, but it also kills bacteria and molds.

Also, sweep away loose concrete especially those found on the edges and sides. Check for damaged parts and hollow areas.

Next, come up with a plan, not only on the design but also on where you should start and where you should finish. The area people pass by frequently is best to finish last. As for the tiles, sometimes, you may have to trim one or two tiles. Decide where the uneven tiles should be. Use a chalk or a pencil to mark the position of the tiles.

Once you’re satisfied with your design or layout, it’s time to mix the mortar. One of the common mistakes of DIYers is that they mix too much mortar only to find out later that it has dried up. So use as needed. Spread the mortar and focus on one area at a time, and a little at a time.

Is it Possible to Install Outdoor Tiles Over Concrete Install Your TilesCarefully install your tiles onto the mortar while keeping a close eye on your pattern with the help of the spacers. Adjust your tiles when necessary. And as you go, clean off traces of mortar on the tiles. Use a damp cloth or foam. If you do this at a later time, the dried mortar will be much more difficult to clean.

When you’re done, apply grout following the instructions indicated by the manufacturer. Using your grout float, generously apply grout and then wipe off any excess using your damp cloth. When done, leave everything to dry and then come back to clean it up. It’s best to clean the area by washing it with water. If you want to use a cleaning agent, make sure it does not cause damage to your tiles.

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