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Outdoor Flooring Options

A Quick Guide to Outdoor Flooring Options

outdoor flooring optionsWhen it comes to outdoor flooring options, it is always difficult to make a decision. Unlike with interior designing, it takes a lot of consideration before you can make up your mind on something that is going to be permanently fixed on your patio. Some obviously well-off homeowners would simply advise you to hire a landscape artist to speed up the process and still be able to get the desired result. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to ask for professional help regarding this matter. Most people would rather study their options carefully instead of making additional expenses.

This brings us to the question of what kind of flooring is ideal for the outdoors. Apparently, the answer still depends on several factors such as the kind of structure that you have (patio, veranda, gazebo, etc.), the floor area, maintenance requirements, and of course, your budget. To help you in making the right choice, here are some of the outdoor flooring options that you may consider, along with their pros and cons:

outdoor flooring options wood• Wood – This material has earned its reputation for being the ideal flooring for decks and patios. It looks very natural and blends well with the outdoor landscape. However, although it has a low initial cost, it is high-maintenance and therefore may prove expensive in the long run.

• Ceramic Tile – Elegant and easy to install, this material is starting to create a trend in outdoor flooring. With a number of patterns and colors to choose from, ceramic is becoming a favorite in many modern residences. Perhaps the only downside of this option is that its surface tends to become slippery when wet. Homebuilders recommend that you choose a slip-resistant tile to avoid accidents.

• Cobblestones – These stones lend an old-world charm to the front yard and driveway. While obviously not ideal for raised decks, cobblestones are great flooring materials for areas that are covered by a pergola. However, they are highly expensive and may not be easy to deal with during winter.

outdoor flooring options concrete• Concrete – As one of the most practical options for flooring, concrete can be seen in many garden paths and patio decks. It is an inexpensive alternative to stone, albeit more susceptible to damage which may not be easily repaired.

• Bricks – Brick is traditionally used for driveways and pathways. Unlike concrete, it provides better traction even on rainy days. When laid down effectively, bricks can form visual patterns which can add to their beauty. Still, just like other previously mentioned outdoor flooring options, bricks can become a nuisance when shoveling snow.

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