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Creating an Extension of the Indoors with Outdoor Patio Rugs

outdoor patio rugsMost homeowners are convinced that outdoor patio rugs do not simply lend beauty to the otherwise drab flooring of their porches. Through the years, they have evolved from being ordinary rugs to becoming versatile design pieces for outdoor structures such as patios. Gone were the days when they are only used as doormats for rubbing the dirt off the shoes. Indeed, their worth has increased and many new styles and patterns have started to line up in the modern showrooms.


There are several practical reasons why there is a great demand for outdoor mats. While carpets basically add warmth and elegance to the interiors, it is a different thing with patio rugs. Here are some their qualities that you will surely love:

• Instant Decorating – The unique pattern of the rug is enough to draw the attention of your guests. If you want to accentuate a particular area in your patio, simply lay a rug over the hard floor and instantly turn it into a “room” for outdoor lounging and casual afternoon talks.

outdoor patio rugs non-skid backing• Safe – These rugs provide insulation for hard surfaces. Many new designs also incorporate a non-skid backing in order to make them stay in place. Thus, you do not have to worry about slippery floor or accidental falls. This quality of patio rugs makes them virtually child-safe.

• Weather-Resistant – Most of today’s outdoor patio rugs are made of synthetic fiber called olefin. Since they are chemically treated, they are able to withstand damages caused by harmful UV rays and moisture.

• Comfortable – With outdoor mats, you will definitely love to go barefoot and let the soft piles tickle your toes. Whether short or shaggy, these mats are also ideal to sit on when placed on a strategic area. Simply throw in some pillows and you can have a laidback afternoon in your patio.

outdoor patio rugs easy to clean• Easy to Clean – Another impressive quality of patio rugs is that they are relatively low-maintenance. A fresh spill or stain can be easily wiped off clean with a damp cloth. They only needed to be hosed down and hang outside to dry. For tough stains, it only takes a mild detergent to clean them off.

• Inexpensive – Because they are affordable, you can buy plenty of rugs to use interchangeably every season. The outdoor mats also help preserve the good condition of the bare flooring. This easily translates into maintenance savings. Outdoor patio rugs can protect the tiles or wood underneath them for a long period of time.

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