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Tile Patterns For Floor

Understanding the Different Tile Patterns for Floors

tile patterns for floorTile patterns for floors are prominent in many outdoor structures such as patios and covered driveways. In an attempt to produce visually appealing floorings, many homeowners simply make up for the lack of budget through playing on their creativity. Because of the high cost of specialty tiles these days, most of us are stuck with the basic monochromatic flooring. Others, while capable of purchasing as many tiles as needed, prefer to have patterns to create an illusion of a bigger patio. Whatever the reasons may be, these tileworks are ideal for sprucing up the look of your outdoor flooring.

Different Kinds of Tile Patterns for Floors

Whether you are going to hire a professional landscape artist or just feeling creative, you can apply a particular tile pattern to your patio floor. Like many other home projects, it is necessary that you understand well how things are being made before deciding on an option. Laying tiles is one of the design jobs which cannot simply be undone, so make sure that you have carefully taken into consideration all the important factors.

1. Square – It is a tilework design which can be applied for standard tile dimensions. The secret to a perfectly laid out square pattern is the use of at least two accent tiles.

tile patterns for floor square pattern• Straight Course – It is described as a pattern in which the grout lines are running horizontally and vertically. This works best for alternating colors. Checkerboard is a good example of this design.

• Diagonal – It is a pattern consisting of tiles which grout lines are set at 45 degrees. This creates a visual illusion and accentuates a focal point in the patio.

• Brickwork – It is the technique of laying tilework in a manner which is similar to building walls. The midpoint of the tiles above overlaps the meeting point of two adjacent tiles below. This design needs to be accurate. A one-centimeter difference can produce an uneven pattern and the mistake can run throughout the entire flooring.

2. Rectangular – It is a tilework design that is ideal for plank-shaped tiles.  It is highly efficient and can be applied on both small and large patio floors.

tile patterns for floor basket weave• Basket Weave – It is a design that mimics the checkered pattern of woven basket. This is done by laying down two tiles in alternating horizontals and verticals.

• Herringbones – These are geometric tile patterns for floors made by placing together two contrasting rows of slanting lines or blocks so that they form rows of Vs, zigzags, or chevrons.

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