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Tile That Looks Like Wood

Hardwood-Inspired Ceramic Flooring: The Tile That Looks Like Wood

tile that looks like woodAs many homeowners are starting to gain a new appreciation for natural materials, it can be considered a welcome development in outdoor landscaping to have this particular kind of tile that looks like wood. For the longest time, hardwood has never fail to exude the traditional homey feel that many people love. It has actually been considered the most versatile design element for homes as far as aesthetics is concerned. But since hardwood has several drawbacks which cannot simply be compensated by its appearance, it is a good thing that the tile industry has looked into the possibility of capturing its appeal and turning it into an ideal option for outdoor flooring.

A tile that looks like wood has everything you can expect in a faux hardwood: its patina, antiquated charm and welcoming quality. Yet unlike the original, this tile also possesses the defining attributes of ceramic and porcelain, which make it a good substitute to traditional wood flooring. In other words, faux wood tiles are simply an imitation of the look and not necessarily of the vulnerable characteristics which are typical of the material.

Why Real Hardwood is Impractical for Outdoor Flooring?

tile that looks like wood faux hardwoodGiven its timeless appeal, it is easy to see why many homeowners would still choose hardwood as a padding material for outdoor structures. While it really looks great on any raised decks such as porch and patio, hardwood requires special care as it is highly susceptible to damage caused by weather and traffic. Rainy seasons and winters are especially tough times for wood since they make the material damp with moisture, which in turn causes it to warp and fade.

Aside from the damage that a bad weather can bring, hardwood is also a relatively fragile material to begin with. Because patios are generally prone to traffic, it is likely that you will notice damages to the surface in less than six months. Replacing the boards is usually out of the question since not everyone can afford a regular maintenance work.

Wood Tile as Best Alternative

tile that looks like wood ceramic and porcelainFortunately, you can still enjoy the feel of planks using ceramic and porcelain. Unlike the genuine material, faux hardwood tiles are waterproof, scratch-resistant and heavy-duty. These qualities add value to the flooring material as they are able to preserve the condition of the tiles. The unique grain pattern, which is the distinguishing attribute of wood, is simply incorporated to the ceramic tiles. Because of its amazing resemblance to the original material, a guest might be surprised to find out that it is actually a tile that looks like wood.

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